Authentic Dishes You Should During Your Travel in Chennai

Travelling in Chennai can be a new experience especially if you are used to secluded or quiet places. This city is busy that traffic jam is inevitable. However, travelling in Chennai allows you to know more about how distinctive their cultures is. This capital city of Tamil Nadu has a perfect blend between tradition and modernization. Another impressive thing about Chennai is their authentic dishes. During your travel in this city, make sure to play at and also try out some dishes to know what kind of cuisines that the locals most prefer to.


Vadai is deep fried dish that is often served for breakfast. You can find this particular this in every hotel. The best part is, there is variety of vadai you can try such as Sambar vadai, Mudu vadai, Thayir, Vada, and many more. Each has different taste so you can pick which of your favorite.



This dish is quite unique on the look. This dish is also often served for breakfast. It is a mix of rice and black gram flour. It is also served with Chutneys or Sambar. If you don’t fancy liquid-like food, then this might not be your thing. However, the taste is good and rich.


Idiappam is noodle dish made of rice flour that is boiled in steam. However, it is served with coconut milk and sugar not with chicken or beef soup like any other countries. If you are noodle lover, this one is a must to try.



Dosa is one of the most popular and favorite dishes in India. In fact, it has already been popular worldwide. It is prepared by the mix of rice along with black gram flour. You can try different versions of Dosa to truly experience the difference.


Pongal is a full course meal for breakfast often served with other dishes such as Sambar or Chutney. If you are into healthy diet, this authentic dish is highly recommended. It is prepared with raw rice as well as nuts, pepper, and Gheeto enrich the flavor.


Koozhu is also known as koozh. Not only this dish is authentic, it is also one of the healthiest and nutritious dishes in Chennai you should try. Majority of Tamilian homes havebeen used to serve this healthy dish. The unique part is that the dish is usually served in pot and glasses not a plate or bowl. You can order this dish in restaurant or street vendors.

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