Culture of Chennai That Make This City Famous

The capital city of NamilTadu, Chennai, is one of the most leading cities in South India. One of the most popular aspect about Chennai is its IT industry. However, the city has also other important elements including culture that make Chennai iconic. The popularity is not based on random opinion but facts. There is variety of elements contributing to the rapid growth of the city since its first establishment. From being a trading post to the most important, metropolitan city in India, Chennai surely is one of the leading city for economic growth.

culture of chennai

Here are facts about Chennai you should know:

The culture of Chennai is unique and iconic. Most importantly, people in Chennai are proud of their culture. They are also protective of their cultural aspects including language, tradition, and many more. This is why Chennai is one of the most attractive travel destinations in India.

Architectural aspect in Chennai is also one of the best element contributing to the popularity of this city. Chennai is famous for its contemporary style. The mixture of traditional and modern vibe make architectures in Chennai unique. You can also find various temple with beautifularchitecture in Chennai. The temples usually house ceremonies, festivals, and other religious or cultural events.

culture of chennai
culture of chennai

The weather in Chennai is mostly hot. This place is fitted for summer vacation. However, it is highly advised to research more about the weather before making a visit to this city because the temperature can be extremely hot. Hot climate is what you can expect when visiting this city. People who live close by the beach often cool of the on a hot day by enjoying coconut water.

Chennai is famous for its sports. The most popular sport in Chennai is cricket. For your information, Chennai also houses the oldest stadium called the Cheapauk Stadium. Chennai Super Kings is the most awaited sport event in India. The local fans of the team in the IPL are so enthusiastic. They are even willing to travel as far as Delhi just to catch their favorite team in action.

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Another interesting fact about Chennai is that you can find cheap movie tickets. This is related to the law in Chennai that doesn’t permit multiplexes as well as cinema halls from charging more than Rs. 120 per ticket. People in Chennai are also very passionate for film. Thus, movies are popular in this city. People in Chennai won’t miss the first screening of a movie.

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