Do You Want to Live Chennai?

Do You Want to Live Chennai?Living in Chennai seems to be an interesting life experience. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, famously known to be the gate to go to South India. Though it becomes an important city for manufacture, health treatment, and information technology, Chennai has successfully kept the working chances in the other big cities in India. It becomes a wide and busy city but it stays conservative with the deep culture and tradition before giving a chance for the foreign influences there. These are some things to know before living in Chennai.

History of Chennai


Chennai is initially a group of small villages and British traders living in this area. East Britannia selected it to be a site for factories and a trading port in 1639. It developed to be the main city center and navy seal port in the 20th decade being an administration center. In some last decades, Chennai has reached a booming level of industrial growth in some sectors supported by city infrastructure and space availability. You need to know the early history of this city before living in Chennai.

The Location of Chennai 


Chennai is located in the state part of Tamil Nadu, the east beach of India. It is a perfect area for living quietly in this beautiful place.

Time Zone

 Do You Want to Live Chennai?
Do You Want to Live Chennai?

This beautiful city, Chennai has no Daylight Saving Time so that you need to predict the summertime by your time prediction.


Chennai has a large population of about 9 million people being it to be the fifth biggest city in India after Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore. It means that it belongs to the crowded city. You must be accustomed to adapting to a crowded area in this city. It makes your life in Chennai more colorful.

The Weather of Chennai 

The next thing is about the weather that you should know before living in Chennai. This city has a very hot and wet climate with the summer temperature at the end of May and early June often reaching extreme weather 38 to 42 degrees Celsius or 100 – 107 degrees Fahrenheit. This city receives half of the rainfall during the season of the northeast from the middle of September to mid of December. The rain can be a huge problem while living in Chennai. The decreasing temperature is approximately 24-degree Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) during a cold time starting from November to February but it doesn’t go down under 20 degrees Celsius.

Airport Information

Chennai International Airport is located strategically only 15 kilometers or 9 miles away south of the city center. It connects well in transportation mode. It means that you can mobilize easily. Viator possibly offers a private airport transfer easily starting from $23. It can be ordered online so that you can reach the airport quickly.

Beautiful Spots in Chennai 

It doesn’t look like other cities in Indonesia. Chennai has a famous monument in the world or tourism spots. However, living in Chennai will give you the typical culture of the city and entertainment in VGP Golden beach and also MGM Dizzy World. You can see it for refreshing your mind. Even, you can visit Chennai’s tourism circuit.

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