Knowledge of Costs to Live in Chennai

Knowledge of Costs to Live in Chennai. Situated on the southern coast of India, Chennai is considered to be the biggest educational, cultural and economic center in South India. Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, one of the Indian states. Being the safest city in India, Chennai has been becoming a famous tourist destination for foreign tourists, hospitality is also considered to be the reason.

Why Settling Down in Chennai

Knowledge of Costs to Live in Chennai
Settling Down in Chennai

Being a cosmopolitan, the city has also invited students and job seekers for the educational system and infrastructures and lots of job opportunities. Big companies and various industries along with the relatively affordable costs to live in Chennai are making people starting to move to the city.

If you make comparisons among the other big cities all over the world, Chennai is relatively affordable in terms of living costs. of course, the costs to live in Chennai will vary depending on many factors contributing to how comfortable your life is. The factors like what kind of place to stay, city transportations, food, and entertainment expenses are examples of what will decide the cost of your daily life in Chennai.

If you come across this reading because you are planning to move and settle down in Chennai, this hopefully will help you plan better.

Place to Stay In Chennai

Knowledge of Costs to Live in Chennai
Place to Stay In Chennai

When you are planning on moving to a new place, the first thing to do is find where you can stay according to your budget. You should be doing many types of research first to be able to find the best place for you to stay while not putting a burden on your budget. To be safe,, you can plan on one third from your salary to pay for the rent. In Chennai, the best areas to choose for staying, ranging from the more luxurious like Poes Garden, Boat Club, Adyar, etc. to the more affordable ones such as Vandalur, Avadi, Tambaram, etc. are available. Rental apartments are available from  Rs 6000 to 8000 for 1 BHK and up to Rs40,000 for 3 BHK. While Paying Guest or PG are available from Rs 5000 to 20, 000.

Transport and Food Expenses

Knowledge of Costs to Live in Chennai
Transport and Food Expenses In Chennai

For transport modes, Chennai provides you with many options from metro trains, local trains, buses, auto-rickshaw, cabs, etc. The costs you will spend are about 1 thousand to 5 thousand  Indian Rupee depending on the transport mode. Buses and local trains are considered to have the cheapest costs while Metro trains are the choice if you want to travel faster.

Coming to the food costs to live in Chennai, there are plenty of options to choose from restaurants to street food. South Indian food is relatively cheaper and you can easily find it everywhere while north Indian food generally costs more.  Though much affordable food is available outside,  it is always wiser to cook your meal for budget and health sake. If cooking is not your thing, hiring a cook for about 1000 to 1500 Indian rupees for one person will be a better choice. Knowledge of Costs to Live in Chennai.

Make sure you make a good plan when you are trying to move to another place especially in the field of living costs. Those above are basic costs to live in Chennai, still, you have to research other factors too.

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