Living in Chennai- The Safest City in India

Living in Chennai can be considered as the best decision since there are some positive things that we can find in this city. Chennai is one of the best and busiest cities in India. When we talk about India, we will talk about the culture, food, cinema industry, and some other things. Chennai is not as famous as Mumbai or New Delhi but living in this place is recommended because of so many reasons. According to BBC, Chennai is chosen as one of India’s safest cities. In this city, we can find more than 4.3 million residents. This city is famous for IT industries and IT manufactures.

Low Crime Activities Level

Living in Chennai- The Safest City in India

Traveling is a fun activity when you go to a safe place. Before you go to a certain place, especially a new place and you have never come before, please make sure that you find some information that will give you knowledge before the place that you will go to. It helps you to prevent all bad things and you can prepare all things better. How about living in Chennai? Is Chennai a dangerous city? The answer is not. This city is the safest place for all tourists who come from some countries in the world. The level of crimes in this city is low and it means all tourists can enjoy all things in a maximum way. We will be afraid of some crime types such as armed robbery, theft, rapes, and some other things. You don’t need to worry when you come to Chennai because you will not experience all criminal activities when you always know how to protect yourself in a new place.

Some Attractions to Go

Living in Chennai- The Safest City in India
Marina Beach

When you go to Chennai, where to visit? For all of you who come to Chennai for a vacation, there are some attractions that you must visit such as:

– Marina Beach

– Semmozhi Poonga

– Pulicat Lake

– Breezy Beach

– National of Art Gallery

– Zoological Park

– Some Huge Temples

People come to Chennai not only for vacation. Some so many people come to Chennai to learn about the tradition and some rituals. Chennai’s citizens are very religious people. They pray often and we can find temples in some places in a very easy way too.

Cost of Living in Chennai

Living in Chennai- The Safest City in India
Living in Chennai- The Safest City in India

When we talk about the living place then we need to talk about the cost of living. How about the cost of living in this city? According to some sources, we can find that the cost of living for a single person in Chennai is usually around Rs 10000 to Rs 12000 for common or ordinary living. For you who like to enjoy luxury living, you can pay more for your living cost.

Some residential areas recommended for you. You can plan to live in some residential areas such as:

– Madipakkam

– Thiruvanmiyur

– Medavakkam

– Porur

– Velachery

Chennai is very beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful cities in India. You can find wildlife sanctuary and also National Park too in this city. You should not miss eating Idly when you come to Chennai. It is one of the best street foods in Chennai. Now, it is time for you to prepare for living in Chennai

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