Chennai, An Important Metropolitan City of India

Chennai plays important role in India as metropolitan city. It plays huge role in the development and growth of culture, history, academy, economy, and other elements of India. This city also a great representation of different elements of civilization.

Chennai as the fourth largest capital city in India has grown into a beautiful place to visit for tourism as well. Not to mention that this city is the leading commercial center of South India. Various industries grow in Chennai with rapid success including ,  software services, automobile, financial services, petrochemicals, textiles, and various manufacturing.

facts of chennai
facts of chennai

Chennai also has played important role for South Indian heritage including classical dance, sculpture, music, architecture, crafts, and many more. Most renowned classical dance originated in Tamil Nadu is Bharatnatyam. Another great thing about Chennai is how the city presented in Contemporary style, combining various elements resulted in beautiful architectures and layout.

The facts of Chennai rapid growth

Chennai has experienced rapid growth to its economy thanks to the software and electronic development. Remember that you can find leading IT industries in Chennai. In fact, it houses the largest IT Park in India. Other industries in Chennai who have contributed to the economic growth includes automobile manufacturing, fertilizer, iron ore, cotton textiles, leather, etc.

Other significant factors include financial and tourism services. No wonder that Chennai is one of the most popular travel spots in India.

Another interesting fact about Chennai is that this city is known as the leading medical center of the country. You can find variety of medical facilities in the city including Apollo Hospitals, the Sri Ramachandra University Hospital, the Madras Medical Mission’s Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, etc.

facts of chennai

Aside from medical facilities, Chennai is also housing cultural institutions such as the Madras Music Academy, the Kalakshetra, the RasikaRanjini Sabha, and many more. There are also several training centers, film studios, and theaters can be found in this city.

Chennai is an old establishment which is why it is the place where you can find the firsts of many things of the country. For example, the first European-style banking system in India, the Madras Bank. India’s first Cancer Hospital was also established in Chennai in 1920. As for popular places for tourism, there are many of them you can spot in Chennai. The most popular one is the Marina Beach that stretches out 13 km long. It is the world’s second longest natural urban beach.

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