Population in Chennai as the Forth Biggest Metropolitan City in India

Population in Chennai as the Forth Biggest Metropolitan City in India

Population in Chennai

Population in Chennai as the Forth Biggest Metropolitan City in India. Chennai is one of the cities in India that has the fastest economic growth in India. This is also a home for a Tamil film industry in India. Having an important part in economic sector for the country, Chennai is included among the 100 countries to be improved as a smart city under Smart Cities Mission.

Description of Chennai City

Chennai city is under the Municipal Corporation and it is in the State of Tamil Nadu India. The name Chennai is derived from Damarta Mudirasa Chennappa Nayakudu, the name of a general who ruled the place in 1639. The name Chennai for the city has been used since then.

5 Facts About Chennai

Here are 5 facts that you need to know about Chennai:

  1. The Place Where Film Was First Made

Chennai city witnessed the first ever film made in South India and it is has a great role in the film industry in India. There are more than 1546 cinemas all over Chennai so you can easily choose a place to watch a movie.

  1. It Has the Biggest Library in Asia

Chennai city has the biggest library in Asia, named Anna Centenary. It has a variety of books and there are separated rooms for reading. Every reading room as a comfortable seat and the table is completed with a lamp. You do not need to doubt about the cleanliness in this library as it is clean. If you get hungry, you can go to the cafetaria where they serve French food.

  1. It Has the Longest Coastline in the World

It has 12 km coastline as considered the longest in the world. The golden sand and the clear blue water makes the beach really beautiful. There are many tourists come visit this city every year. People like to go surfing, fishing, playing volleyball, sunbathing, riding a horse, etc.

  1. The First Zoo in India Was Built Here

Chennai has the first zoo built in India and it is one of the biggest zoos in the world. It has around 602 ha. The name of the zoo is Vandalur and it is a home to more than 1000 species of animals and plants. The zoo is best visited with children as they can learn about animals and plants here. Moreover, there are some almost extinct animals here.

  1. It Has The First Stadium Built in India

M.A Chidambaran Stadium was built in 196 and it is a place for all cricket matches in India. The design of the stadium is fancy and one of the best in India.

Chennai’s Population in 2021

According to the UN World Population Prospects, population in Chennai in 2021 is 11.2 million. Chennai has both inteanational airport and port and the city is connected bu rail, road, sea, and air. Many people come to visit this city to take a vacation to the beach, library, and cinemas. It is an important city for the economic growth in India.

Chennai plays an important role in India and there are many attractions offered here. Thus, people find it fun to spend their holiday here with their family. It also has a big population in India.

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