Traveling in Chennai Safely

Located on the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is one of the most favorite places to visit in India. This capital is formerly known as Madras with the age of 369 years old. In South India, this city can be considered as the biggest economic, cultural, and educational centers. With population about 10 million enjoying, it makes this city the fifth largest in India.

In addition, Chennai also has the second biggest beach in the world. In the terms of visits, this city is in the first place. Another name people often refer to Chennai is the Detroit of India. It is because Chennai houses leading automobile industries.

travelling in chennai
traveling in chennai

Safe tips for Traveling in Chennai

It is important to measure the safety of a place you are going to visit. As for Chennai, this place is safe for travelling. The level of crime is moderate. Kidnapping almost doesn’t exist. And mugging is not common either. Thus, this city is relatively safe for traveling. The most common types of crimes in Chennai include theft, and armed robbery.

It is highly recommended to travel in group for women as there is a risk of rape crime. If you want to visit the safest part in Chennai, it is best to avoid the North Chennai because it is known to be more prone to violence.

traveling in chennai

Thing that makes you a little less comfortable when traveling in Chennai is probably the weather. The city has hot and humid climate. It is best to find out about the current climate in the city before making your visit. That’s why travelling in Chennai is best to dress in summer attire such as light, breathable clothes, sunglasses, scarf, and hat.

Traffic Jam In Chennai

Another inconvenience when travel in Chennai is the traffic jam. It can be horrendous so you need to prepare your patience if you are planning to visit Chennai.

Chennai is considered the safest city in the whole country especially when you compare it with other big cities in India where safety is at high risk. However, you still need to maintain your guard so you can prevent yourself from being victim of petty crimes. Taking precautions are necessary. Another thing you need to be aware is the taxi rate.

If you are foreigner, the taxi driver will charge you with higher rates. Trains and buses are also available but you should be cautious during the ride due to potential of pickpockets. Overall, Chennai is safe to visit but you still need to take some precautions.

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