Travelling in Chennai And What you Can Expect

Chennai is the fifth largest city in India. It plays important role in the growth of economy, education, industry, and medical care in the country. This capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is considered as intensively busy. Various leading manufacturers grow in Chennai. The economy in the country grow in positively.

travelling in chennai
travelling in chennai

Aside from being the center of economy, Chennai is also considered as the safest places to visit in Tamil Nadu. This country is a great place who are curious about situs poker online arts and cultures as well because people in Chennai still hold onto their tradition and beliefs regardless of how modernized this country has become.

What you can expect when travelling in Chennai?

There are quite places you can visit to truly enjoy your travel in Chennai. The architectures in Chennai are one of the most intriguing things to explore. They are cultural and artistic. Surely, this city doesn’t have like world-famous monuments. However, this city owns distinctive culture that make it different from others. There are many things you can expect when travelling in Chennai, such as:

  • The people are friendly but they still hold onto their culture, tradition, and beliefs. Thus, it is highly advised to respect them. Do not give offensive remarks. Be respectful and follow the rule according to the locals. It is also highly advised to dress in a manner that respect their beliefs. If if you are going to explore the beaches, it is highly advised to not wear too-tight fitting clothes or revealing both for male and female tourists. Make sure to wear clothes that can cover your arms and legs.
travelling in chennai
travelling in chennai
  • As mentioned before that travelling in Chennai is relatively safe because this is considered one of the safest places to visit compared to other major cities in India. However, petty crimes still happen quite often such as pickpockets. Do not be surprised when you find people begging in more aggressive manners in Chennai. They tend to be like that especially to foreigners. It is highly advised to not give them any money because that will attract them more.
  • What you can expect is the traffic. Yes, traffic jam in Chennai can be horrendous. Taking Uber can be your best option. You can also hail a cab or taxi but foreigners are usually charged with higher rates. If you are going to take bus, make sure to maintain your guards throughout the ride. To avoid pickpockets.

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