Travelling to Experience The Culture in Chennai

Chennai is a great city in India. It is also often referred to as the gate to South India. It plays important role in the growth of economy in India. Various leading manufacturers and dadu online terpercaya grow in Chennai. There are many first in Chennai since this is quite an old city. This city is interesting because it houses the largest IT Park in India yet the people still hold onto their culture.

culture in chennai
culture in chennai

Therefore, you will witness how people there still conservative but not closed-minded at all. The blend between culture and modernization go very well in the city. That’s why it attracts tourists from all over the world. Besides, Chennai is the safest city to visit compared to other major cities in India.

Where to go in Chennai?

Previously known as Madras, Chennai has quite many places to explore during your visit. Even though there are not any world-wide tourist attraction, you still get to experience distinct culture perfectly. Here are several recommended places to visit in Chennai:

George Town Market and Bazaars is a great place to visit if you want to experience how distinctive the culture in Chennai is. You will also get to see fresh local produces displayed in the market including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and many more. This market was settled by the locals expect for noise, crowd, a little bit chaos, but high energy when you are in this market.

culture in chennai
culture in chennai

Marina Beach is of course very popular in Chennai and even the world. It is the world’s second biggest beach in the world. Therefore, visiting this beach is a must. Watching sunset is highly recommended. It is best to not visit this beach at the peak of noon because the temperature can be extremely too hot to bear.

This urban beach has carnival-like vibe to it because there are amusement rides as well as snacks stalls to indulge visitors. However, keep in mind that you are not permitted to bath or swim as there are strong currents which are dangerous.

Cholamandal Artist’ Village is considered India’s largest artist’s commune. You will get to see how the artists there are self-sustaining. They don’t receive financial assistance and do everything using their own money. They even purchased their own land as well as built galleries, studios, workshops, and houses. This place is where modern art was brought by the Madras Movement of Art. Collections of paintings, sculptures, and other artists’ works are what you can expect.

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