What Interesting Thing About Chennai

Some Interesting Things You have to know before You decide to visit or move to Chennai

What Interesting Thing

What Interesting Thing About Chennai, are you someone who wants to visit, stay in, or even move to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India? If yes, then you will surely needs information regarding the fourth largest metropolitan city in India after Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. Although it’s not the capital city of India, Chennai is in fact quite famous around the world. It’s just like how famous New York is in the world.

However, it is still a capital of a state in India, Tamil Nadu, which is located in the southern part of India. Then, what makes Chennai quite famous in the world? There are of course many things that make the metropolitan city quite famous, such as its population density, its very close relation to Indian hokiku88 movie industry, and its geography.

Mega City area of Chennai

In terms of population density, there are around 7 million people in the 426 km2 Mega City area of Chennai, so that its population density is around 17,000/km2. With such population density, we can already expect the crowdedness of the main roads in Chennai. In the morning, we can see many people from various professions waiting for buses, vans, taxis, or even the iconic auto rickshaws.

So, it’s just like in other big cities in the world. With such large population, the city is good for people who like to socialize with other people and not to mention that the nightlife in the city is also very crowded and interesting. Another interesting thing that we can meet in the streets of Chennai is the various street foods that you can see everywhere. So, it’s very common to find street culinary vendors with buyers lining around them. If that’s your thing, then you will surely love Chennai so much.

What Interesting Thing About Chennai

Another interesting thing about Chennai is its close relation to Indian movie industry. As you know, India is very famous for its lengthy movies. If a movie with a 3-hour duration is already very lengthy in Hollywood, then a 5-hour-long movie is quite common in Bollywood. What’s very interesting about Chennai and Indian movie is that Chennai itself is the birthplace of South Indian movies.

Because of that, there are so many movie theaters in Chennai that host up to around 1546 screens. Not only that, you will surely notice how close Chennai’s relation is to Indian movies. When you walk on the roads of the city because there are many movie posters stuck on walls around the streets. So, if you like watching Indian movies so much, you will also like living in Chennai.

Chennai is its Geography

Another thing that’s very interesting about Chennai is its geography. As mentioned before, Chennai is located to the southern part of India, so that it faces the south Indian waters. It’s not an ordinary thing because in fact, Chennai has the longest coastline in the world. So, with such geography, we can expect to visit beautiful beaches in Chennai when we need some fresh air.

Of course, the beaches are also full of food vendors that sell various kinds of food. Including the famous traditional Indian street foods that. Cannot be found in other parts of the world. With all those advantages, it can be said that living in Chennai can be very excited. Especially if you like the crowdedness of a big city.

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