What You Should Know Before Travelling To Chennai

Chennai is metropolitan city in South India. It is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai also known as the gate to South India. It is also one of the most popular travel destination in India. With population about 10 million people, this city is the fifth’s largest in India.

travelling to chennai

The most interesting about this city is how people there still keep their cultural beliefs https://starcentre.org/ and tradition despite the rapid growth of the manufacturing, IT and healthcare aspects. This city is busy yet conservative at the same time. There are many firsts in Chennai which make this city iconic and unique.

What should you prepare before visiting Chennai?

Travelling to Chennai is a great idea for your next travel plan. However, you might as well learn more about this city so you will get memorable and enjoyable trip later. Here are things you should know about Chennai:

  • The people in Chennai mostly speak Tamil and English. Thus, there is no major problem when it comes to communication during your visit because you can always speak English to the locals.
  • For your information, the climate in Chennai is hot and humid. You need to avoid extreme temperature which usually happens in late May and early June. The temperature during that time can reach up to 42 degrees Celsius. Rainfall usually happen during the northeast monsoon from mid-September to mid-December. During this period, heavy rains are most likely to happen. You may want to wait until the temperature decreases to an average of 24 degree Celsius which happens during winter from November to February.
travelling to chennai
travelling to chennai
  • To travel in Chennai, you should exchange your money to Indian rupee. You can do it at the airport or other places you are most comfortable with.
  • Transport in Chennai is already sufficient. You can just call Uber or Ola to get around Chennai comfortably. However, you will be charged with higher rates if you are foreigner. You can also try taking bus for transportation. It is cheap but maybe a bit uncomfortable due to the crowd and chaos. New type of transport is just operated called Metro rail network.
  • Important thing you need to pack to travel in Chennai is breathable clothes because of the high humidity. Cotton clothes are the most recommended. It is also highly recommended to bring necessary items such as sunglasses, scarf, or hat to protect you from sun exposure.

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